A bit blue?


Another post and another loco. This time its a Phil Sharples kit based on a Hudson loco. I came across Phil’s kits on ebay (vwmonkeyblue) a while ago and have slowly been picking the odd few up here and there. Along with a couple of locos Phil does wagon kits, Loco chassis for you to add your own body to and has also started doing a selection of lineside bits. They are lazer cut MDF and go together really well. All you need is a few tools, some glue and paint, then pop some batteries in and away it would go.
With mine I wanted to add some extra details and R/C. So first up I built the chassis and then fitted the bonnet together without gluing it so I could check what kind of space there was.


As you can see in the picture above, I managed to fit a charge socket in front of the motor and the Deltang receiver sits above it. The AA battery holder was changed for a rechargeable AAA pack and this fits in the cab area under the control desk. Once happy with this set up and having given it a good test I glued the body parts together and to the chassis, although I didn’t glue the top of the bonnet in place so that I can still access the receiver and motor if needed. With the basic structure complete I added a few extra details like the exhaust, radiator cap and handrails.


Before painting I did a little more testing and found I needed to add a little more weight to give it some better traction. So far I’ve added around 200g of weight inside the bonnet area and I plan to add a little more to the underside. I’ve got a few more details to add to the cab along with a driver and it will get some weathering to tone down the blue a little. Overall its a lovely kit and it goes together with the greatest of ease.


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No. 1

This is Oskar….


Oops, not that one. This Oskar…


This is a Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works kit and was the first item built for the LLR hence being No.1. The kits are lazer cut MDF and after some light sanding they just fall together. David at HGLW offers a choice of chassis to go with the body. I opted for the deluxe version, this has extra detail and 4 wheel drive.

The thing I like about this kit is it allows the builder to add their own personal touches. I have added cabside steps and handrails plus an exhaust from bits in the useful box. The horn and couplings are from I P engineering and name and number plates from Narrow Planet. I wanted to fit radio control and with the help of Rik’s excellent blog I settled on using Deltang equipment.

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